Update On The Astroturf

by rickyrivera3131

A month ago I reported on what is one of the biggest if not the biggest renovation our UCM baseball team has received in the history of the program. The addition of AstroTurf playing surface for our field thanks to a big donation by Jim Crane.

The donation was of 1.1 million and it includes the playing surface, geo-technical investigation, land disturbance, erosion control and fence repair. But that 1.1 million does not include any other project contingency. As the project has been advancing “several  unforeseen costs and conditions are being identified that could require additional funding. Items include performance and payment bond costs, backstop padding replacement, and additions to the outfield fence to eliminate the gap because the original center field was approximately six to eight inches higher than the left and right field” said Christopher Bamman. Of particular concern is sandstone that has been uncovered in the northeast corner of the field that may extend further into the outfield and possibly entail relocation of the main drain So this Friday December 11  Bamman will present the board of governors with this information and ask to establish a contingency equivalent to 10% of the approved cost for Crane Stadium – Tompkins Field. The problem with these unforeseen conditions and road blocks the construction people have ran into is that it could hurt the project and delay the date of when it is supposed to be done. March 1, 2016 is the agreed date in the contract but this date could be at risk with these conditions that popped up. The UCM baseball team plays their first home series March 4, 2016 against Pittsburg State University and their coach Kyle Crookes expects the field to be done by then.

Hopefully the Board of Governors approves the contingency proposed by Bamman which would be equivalent to $111,300 and would help the process.