Cyber Security

by rickyrivera3131

At the beginning of my blog posts after meeting with Mr. Jeff Murphy I discussed the increase in demand in Cyber security not only by students but it has became a need because of hacking attacks.  So after creating a major for Cyber Security earlier this year, the board of governors will be presented with the idea of adding it as a minor as well during this Fridays monthly meeting.

The idea of adding the minor will be presented by provost-chief Dr. Deborah Curtis. There was another big hack attack on Anthem- one of the largest insurance providers- which caught the attention of cyber security people and it highlighted the need for more students to be educated in this area.”The preparation of more students in our generation will help secure the cyberspace” said Curtis. With all the going incidents of hacking in the states it is not only important fr electronic majors to be educated and prepared but also from other majors to be prepared as well. “Many companies from different sectors of economy now require some knowledge of cyber security to prevent theft”. The minor will also help in the department’s efforts to obtain a National Center of Academic Excellence designation from the National Security Agency (NSA). In the past, the designation has been given to institutions offering opportunities for cyber security education to students across various disciplines.

This is a good idea in my opinion because this world is such an advance world in technology that companies need that security. It also needs no funding for it since here at UCM we already have the personnel and materials required for the curriculum and no positions need to be added. And it is a position that has a great growing rate as the Missouri Department of Economics Development reported Security Analyst as the third fastest growing occupation in Missouri.