UCM FCC Spectrum Auction

by rickyrivera3131

The UCM board of governors will be back at it this upcoming Friday December 11. 2015, as they will have their monthly meeting in which they will look into approve or deny new legislation’s proposed by people on campus.

One of the main legislation’s to be brought up this week in the meeting will be the Federal Communications Commission Spectrum Auction. This subject will be presented by Dr. Phil Huffman who is the director of Broadcasting Services/KMOS. The objective of this proposal is to have the board of governors support and approve  UCM -owned and operated KMOS television to participate in the FCC Spectrum Auction process in 2016.

By March 2016, changes will be underway across the entire nation affecting free, over-the-air television. “The Federal Communications Commission seeks to capture more over-the-air spectrum for mobile and internet technologies”. The FCC’s goal is to move stations on channels 31 to 52 to lower channel assignments. This newly available spectrum would be auctioned off to cellular carriers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. The school has various options which are, not participating, participating and sell the license of KMOS to the FCC or participate and change channels to either higher or lower channel.  All of the funding for this project would go through the FCC.

In my opinion we should definitely participate because if we don’t lots of the students that get the channel for free would lose educational television. Also because of theprofessional experience, jobs and opportunities it provides to our students here on campus