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Month: December, 2015

Update On The Astroturf

A month ago I reported on what is one of the biggest if not the biggest renovation our UCM baseball team has received in the history of the program. The addition of AstroTurf playing surface for our field thanks to a big donation by Jim Crane.

The donation was of 1.1 million and it includes the playing surface, geo-technical investigation, land disturbance, erosion control and fence repair. But that 1.1 million does not include any other project contingency. As the project has been advancing “several  unforeseen costs and conditions are being identified that could require additional funding. Items include performance and payment bond costs, backstop padding replacement, and additions to the outfield fence to eliminate the gap because the original center field was approximately six to eight inches higher than the left and right field” said Christopher Bamman. Of particular concern is sandstone that has been uncovered in the northeast corner of the field that may extend further into the outfield and possibly entail relocation of the main drain So this Friday December 11  Bamman will present the board of governors with this information and ask to establish a contingency equivalent to 10% of the approved cost for Crane Stadium – Tompkins Field. The problem with these unforeseen conditions and road blocks the construction people have ran into is that it could hurt the project and delay the date of when it is supposed to be done. March 1, 2016 is the agreed date in the contract but this date could be at risk with these conditions that popped up. The UCM baseball team plays their first home series March 4, 2016 against Pittsburg State University and their coach Kyle Crookes expects the field to be done by then.

Hopefully the Board of Governors approves the contingency proposed by Bamman which would be equivalent to $111,300 and would help the process.


W.C Morris Renovations

The University of Central Missouri continues their improvements. After the construction of the Crossing, the renovation of the baseball field, the building of Fitz dining hall, knocking down of President Ambrose’s house and the rebuilding the away stands for the football team. UCM will be rebuilding the W.C Morris building on campus next summer. Governor Jay Nixon announced the rebuilding of the building with President Ambrose on this past August 25 right in front of the W. C. Morris building in a press conference.

This Friday December 11, the board of governors will be proposed with the challenge of awarding a contract for a construction management for the project. As it will be presented by Executive Director of Facilities, planning & Operations, Mr. Christopher Bamman. It will be presented with the idea of the board approving the hiring of a construction management for this project. On June 5, 2016, Governor Jay Nixon signed legislation that contains funding for capital improvement projects at higher education campuses across Missouri, including more than $12 million in renovations at the University of Central Missouri. “House Bill 19 provides $12.2 million in maintenance and repairs for the W. C. Morris Science Building that will be focused on improving classrooms, laboratories, and offices. Utilizing additional funds approved by the Board of Governors, the project will also address some of the building’s deteriorated infrastructure”said Bamman. Programming and design development for the renovations are well underway by the University’s contracted architect-engineer, Gould Evans Associates.” The University desires to hire a construction manager as constructor to provide pre-construction phase services. The constructor will work with UCM and the contracted A&E firm to evaluate and consult on the project’s program, phasing schedule, and budget, and to provide preliminary cost estimates and development of potential subcontractors and suppliers. The constructor will also provide construction phase services serving as project manager” according to information for this upcoming meeting.

It’s very exciting to be a part of the UCM student body in times like this when every year our President and faculty help make this place the Division two school in the nation.

Cyber Security

At the beginning of my blog posts after meeting with Mr. Jeff Murphy I discussed the increase in demand in Cyber security not only by students but it has became a need because of hacking attacks.  So after creating a major for Cyber Security earlier this year, the board of governors will be presented with the idea of adding it as a minor as well during this Fridays monthly meeting.

The idea of adding the minor will be presented by provost-chief Dr. Deborah Curtis. There was another big hack attack on Anthem- one of the largest insurance providers- which caught the attention of cyber security people and it highlighted the need for more students to be educated in this area.”The preparation of more students in our generation will help secure the cyberspace” said Curtis. With all the going incidents of hacking in the states it is not only important fr electronic majors to be educated and prepared but also from other majors to be prepared as well. “Many companies from different sectors of economy now require some knowledge of cyber security to prevent theft”. The minor will also help in the department’s efforts to obtain a National Center of Academic Excellence designation from the National Security Agency (NSA). In the past, the designation has been given to institutions offering opportunities for cyber security education to students across various disciplines.

This is a good idea in my opinion because this world is such an advance world in technology that companies need that security. It also needs no funding for it since here at UCM we already have the personnel and materials required for the curriculum and no positions need to be added. And it is a position that has a great growing rate as the Missouri Department of Economics Development reported Security Analyst as the third fastest growing occupation in Missouri.

UCM FCC Spectrum Auction

The UCM board of governors will be back at it this upcoming Friday December 11. 2015, as they will have their monthly meeting in which they will look into approve or deny new legislation’s proposed by people on campus.

One of the main legislation’s to be brought up this week in the meeting will be the Federal Communications Commission Spectrum Auction. This subject will be presented by Dr. Phil Huffman who is the director of Broadcasting Services/KMOS. The objective of this proposal is to have the board of governors support and approve  UCM -owned and operated KMOS television to participate in the FCC Spectrum Auction process in 2016.

By March 2016, changes will be underway across the entire nation affecting free, over-the-air television. “The Federal Communications Commission seeks to capture more over-the-air spectrum for mobile and internet technologies”. The FCC’s goal is to move stations on channels 31 to 52 to lower channel assignments. This newly available spectrum would be auctioned off to cellular carriers like Sprint, AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile. The school has various options which are, not participating, participating and sell the license of KMOS to the FCC or participate and change channels to either higher or lower channel.  All of the funding for this project would go through the FCC.

In my opinion we should definitely participate because if we don’t lots of the students that get the channel for free would lose educational television. Also because of theprofessional experience, jobs and opportunities it provides to our students here on campus