Mules Baseball gets Astroturf from Astros owner

by rickyrivera3131

This week in my blog I will for the first time talk about sports.  This because the Board of Governors has approved a 900,000 dollars donation to renovate the baseball field here on campus from UCM alum and current Houston Astros owner Jim Crane.  Crane a former baseball player for UCM has always been a big doner for the schools athletics, in 1998 he renovated the baseball teams facilities. When this year the Astros were in town to face the Kansas City Royals Crane decided to swing by his alma matter and stated that he was going to make a donation to make a renovation to the playing surface and try to make UCM “the best baseball field in division two baseball” said Crane.  The Board of Governors approved unanimously, “the bond between a player and a coach and the appreciation of an alumnus in their university is again evident” said President Charles Ambrose. Ambrose was extremely proud about how UCM’s baseball team has grown throughout the years. The talk of getting astroturf has been a topic of discussion for the past five years and has even been brought up to the City Council and Board members in several occasions. This because it not only would help the baseball team and school, but also the community. This because if you have turf on a baseball field that eliminates most of the reasons of why to dance a baseball game, tournament or activities being held on the field. Which as a result means that UCM could host big tournaments throughout the fall, spring and summer “which could bring revenue to the city of Warrensburg, especially when teams from far away are coming to stay in a hotel here in town for a weekend all the money spent will be here in town for that period of time” said Head Coach Kyle Crookes.

Ultimately it is a big acquisition for the Mule community here in Warrensburg and we are all extremely proud of what our diners do for this program and also a special thank you to Mr. Jim Crane for being a supporter and helper for UCM athletics.