UCM Calender Year Health Insurance plan

by rickyrivera3131

After covering last months Board of Governors meeting I got all the paperwork for everything that was presented and accepted. After several days of going through the paperwork I noticed the new calendar year for the Health Insurance plan UCM has. I figured I would talk about it and post it on this weeks blog because it is helpful information to have and know.

The document was prepared and presented by Mr. Rick Dixon who is the director of the Human Resources office and by Mr. Rob Charlesworth who is a healthcare consultant.  The objective of this was to inform the Board of Governoirs on the status of UCM’s health plan rates and options and also provide a recommendation for the renewal of UCM’s health insurance plan for the calendar year 2016. UCM’s current health plan consists of two plans. Plan A is a 500$ deductible plan with various co-pays and a maximum out-of-pocket expense of $3,250. Plan B is a $2,600 qualified high-deductible plan with a health saving account option. All UCM employees contribute to their health insurance premium. The university uses a three tier structure to measure how much UCM employees contribution to their healthy insurance premium. The main goal that Dixon and Charlesworth presented was an effort to encourage greater Employee Accountability in their own healthcare by implementing and employee premium contribution differentials ” for EE to pay an added amount if not participating in annual Health Risk Assessment.  In my opinion I thought it was a big deal that after last years health insurance renewal with Blue KC, UCM asked the company to explore the possibility of bringing their successful medical home program to Warrensburg. They have engaged in that process and are “well on their way to having a medical home established and certified in Warrensburg early in the 2016 plan year. Management recommended the Board of Governors to approve renewing their health plan with Blue KC for 2016 but then rebid the health plan for 2017 to see what better offer they can get although they will still have a year remaining with Blue KC.