UCM Board of Governors Intro

During the next 15 weeks I will be posting about the University of Central Missouri Board of Governors. Making sure that throughout the blog you guys will know what this group does, what are their objectives and much more information that people would be interested in knowing about. Thursday morning August 27th I had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Murphy. Murphy who is the assistant director of University Relations for media relations had some very good insight to offer to me.

When asked about what was the UCM board of governors Mr. Murphy said “It’s the main governing body for the University”. It’s encharge of making decisions of how to spend money, like for example if the school is planning to build a new building this group of people is incharge of managing the budget and deciding how it will be used. Also this group of people oversees policies on campus and is the official policy making group for the school. They utilize state funding to control the budget that will be used, set fees and a “wide variety of things that involve setting school policies and managing the schools budget. This board of governers consist of a group of 7 voting members of the board and 1 student member of the board ┬áthat are appointed by the Missouri governor and are not on a salary. Some of the goals this board has is to make sure the University if operating physically sound and their “main purpose is to make sure that the University is focused on programs that support student success”. The Board of Governors initially started as the Board of Regions later the name changed to Board of Governors which “is consiting with other Universities, that we would call peer Universities around the United States”. Seeing the success of a new structure like The Crossing being utilized by students and fully made is one of the proudest moments this Board of Governors has seen. Them knowing that they were part of that process was a big highlight to remember for these 7 individuals that put a lot of work in for this student body. When asked about challenges that these individuals face Murphy said, that reduction and state funds could become an issue if not handled properly, also keeping and figuring out how to maintain programs and keep good quality that will earn student succes is always an “ongoing challenge” for board members. Reaching a conclusion Mr. Murphy was really satisfied with the work these individuals put in on a volunteer job to help the University reach its goals, provide good learning opportunities and the best possible facilities for students. Next week I will be talking about 5 new policies and rules that the Board of Governors implemented last month.