9th Inning (Going For The Save)

Well this is my last post people, I have met the final number of posts for this class. First of all I want to say that it was a great experience letting my voice be heard through the Internet and here. In a near future I will try to come back and make this blog a bigger part of my life, but right now baseball, traveling and school keep me very busy.

Well my final post I am going to be talking about what has been happening so far in the league and Bud Selig’s comment. Bud Selig today in a press conference said that the MLB “has never been more popular”. Bud Selig who is retiring after his contract which ends in January 2015 was on a farewell trip in Colorado when he got interviewed and said how happy he was of the league and on how things are going with the replay and stuff. Selig said “the past 10 years have been by far, the greatest attended years” referring to the recent success of the MLB. He had a very interesting interview in which he discussed various topics. One of them was the international presence in the game; Selig mentioned that the MLB would open the regular season out of the country again. Another topic was the brand new instant replay; he described it as a success. “For a new system, this has been remarkable” Selig said. He compared it with instant replay from other sports and said, “ Other sports have had replay systems that are far from perfect. So I feel very good about it, Very Good”.

Back to the game itself Moneyball keeps working for the A’s. They keep winning and doing good year after year, they find 26 solid players instead of a couple stars and role players to win. Their minor league system keeps producing great players, yeah the same minor league system that produced Tim Hudson, Barry Zito, and Mark Mulder etc. Billy Bean and his guys have done a great job with this franchise without using big time money. With the A’s doing good that makes three small market teams playing really good to start the year, Brewers, Orioles and A’s. Wow I can’t forget about Jose Abreu off to a crazy start. Abreu had 10 HR with 36 RBI’s the first month of his MLB career. He will definitely win rookie of the month considering he broke almost every hitting record for the first month of their careers. Albert Pujols is off to a great start he is back to the old Pujols. His legs are finally back under him and healthy. He hit his 500th HR in Washington the past week. The MLB is shaping up as expected and things are starting to fall into places. A couple last words from me, GO YANKEES!Image