Play Ball!!

The Major League Baseball 2014 season started this past weekend with a series between the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers. What is curious is how early this season has started and where it started. The season began in a foreign stadium and country, in Australia the two teams flew there this past week for a two game series between these National League West division rivals. The Dodgers ended up taking both games away from the Arizona Diamondbacks behind strong pitching performances from Ryu and Clayton Kershaw. They showed that they should be again one of the best one two combos of starting rotations in the league during the 2014 season and the Diamondbacks just looked overmatched both of the games they played. Image

Coaches for each the Dodgers and Diamondbacks said it was a great experience and that the fifteen hour flight was worth it. They also said that the people in Sydney, Australia treated them great and the atmosphere was great. A couple of players mentioned how exhausting the plane ride was, getting used to the weather and time zone was some of the challenges they faces but at the end it was good experience and unforgettable. But thats not what I am trying to let people know or talk about. I am here to talk about how early the season started for those two teams and the location. Heres the deal usually Major League Baseball teams get around 3 weeks to practice and a month to get back in full swing play everyday so their bodies get ready for the upcoming season. The season usually starts around April the first of every year. So I think that this whole starting the season 2 weeks earlier than usually is not good. This because I think injured guys might have to accelerate their rehab process, pitchers have less hitters to pitch too so they can get used to it for the season and work on their pitches and hitters dont see as much live pitching as they should before their first game. The Major League Baseball has made this kind of a tradition of starting seasons early in other countries. This because they have started the season in places like Puerto Rico, Japan and now Australia. In my opinion it is a great idea to raise money and get other countries the chance to watch the best baseball in the world live. But I think that the dates should be pushed back because now that they are done playing those two games there they fly back home and what will they do now besides practice? While other teams are still seeing live pitching from different teams and pitchers that they will face during the season. The positive in my opinion is that they can rest from thet long trip before they start playing again here in the states. But besides that I dont see any positives for the respective ball clubs what do you guys think?