The 1st inning (Intro Blog)

The name of the blog account will be Take Me Out To the Ball game. I thought it would be a great name for my blog since it will be about baseball, and Take me out to the ball game is one of the most famous baseball songs and one that is played in every seventh inning of every major league baseball game.  The blog will be ran by Ricky Rivera Davila, Ricky is a 20 year old student athlete at the University Of Central Missouri in Warrensburg,Mo. He is a baseball player there, the University of Central Missouri is the winningest Ncaa baseball program of the last decade. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Ricky played baseball his whole live, his dad played his whole life too. The blog will about baseball news and Ricky’s opinion on what is going on that week in baseball.

 I (Ricky Rivera) will be posting weekly for my class of writing across media but i am also going to take advantage of this great opportunity to let people know about my thoughts and opinion on the game i love, the game of baseball.  Readers should return because i have played the game for a long time, been around it, listened to it, play it at a hig level and have had alot of conversations with major league baseball players and scouts. Actually i am feeling nice today so i will give you guys a taste of what my blogs will be about in a shortened version of my first official blog which i will name the 1st inning. I will be talking about Jameis Winston.

Jameis Winston is a football/baseball student athlete at Florida State University. He is not just a football player but he is the Heisman award winner of the 2013 season and national champion. He has been a very succesfull football player in two years there but now he is going to play baseball in the spring. And that is where the question came up, will this affect his draft stock for the NFL? In my opinion it wont because he is just a really good athlete and that is just to prove that. Alot of football scouts wonder why has he not quit baseball to just focus and work on his football game because he could be a big time prospect in football and because of the possiblity of he getting hurt while playing baseball. But what most people dont know is that Winston is very good and talented baseball player as well. Actually he has been considered to be a top baseball prospect in the upcoming 2015 MLB Draft. At some point soon in his career the big decision will come of wether he will stick to baseball or football. So my question to you is where should this former heisman and national champion stick? Baseball or Football? I think he should stick to football because although he has the talent and tools to get drafted baseball would be a longer and tougher road for him to go up and there are more or alot of players with the same tools and talent he has. What do you Think?